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The Order of St. Lazarus really thinks of his principles?
Or are there chivalry and Christianity just a phrase?
Is a constructed show trial the answer?

07/18/2012 - IMPORTANT NOTICE: On 06/24/2011 I had sent a letter to the Grand Master asking him for an external Managment audit of the Czech Grand Bailiwick in accordance with Article 3.11 by-laws of the Order. The global Order should definitely clarify whether it is in fact in the present Czech Grand bailiff by a former agent of the former communist secret police (Statni bezpecnost) or not. The letter was also sent to the Grand Master on 06/28/2011. To date he has not responded. On 09/21/2011 the Commanendry of Pilsen was held an extraordinary meeting. An agenda was not communicated to me beforehand and request by the chancellor of the Commandery Pilsen. This meeting was also attended by me. It appeared the Czech Grand bailiff accompanied by several knights and a lawyer. The event revealed to be constructed as a "show trial" against me. Chaired the meeting while the Grand bailiff, against whom I had lodged a complaint with the Grand Master (!) - and had to be considered biased. It was also owned by the Grande bailiff confidential letter material, which I had sent confidentially on the International Grand Priorin the first half of 2011! This material was then used as "evidence" used against me and also himself the Grand Bailiff maked the oral translation of the documents in the Czech language and even undertook commenting! I was at the end of the event are encouraged to voluntarily terminate my membership in the Order. Of these illegal operations I had then informed the Spiritual protector of the Order, the Grand Master and several members of the Goverment of the Order. In addition to the Patriarch to the present day no one has responded. The patriarch described the incident as an "internal affair" of the Czech Bailiwick (!). ONCE IT HAS NOW BEEN OBVIOUS THAT NOT EVEN THE HIGHEST DIGNITARIES OF THIS ORDER COMPLY WITH THE RELEVANT PRINCIPLES, I HAVE GREEN CHECKED MY REALTIONSHIP TO THE ORDER BUT ALSO TO CHRISTIANITY: As a result I have communicated on 05/10/2012 which bishop of Pilsen officially my resignation from the Roman Catholic Church. (Also my wife has delarede on 16/05/2012 its resignation from the Roman Catholic Church.) Since we both have abandoned the Christian faith, our membership in the Order is automatically terminated (in accordance with Article 4.20 of the By-laws of the Order). In view of the current communication behavior of the Order we will inform in this way the Order of our task of the Christian faith. I reserve also yet to inform the public of the detail here shortly outlined processes and to publish relevant evidence.

05/06/2013 - IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some details are now published on the underside Constructed show trial?

This private web page wants to step on no case with the different official web pages of the military and hospital broads of order of the saint Lazarus von Jerusalem in competition. The reason for the forming of this web page is easy: On the Internet exist on various web pages which are not pursued by the order, unfortunately, a big number of wrong information and mistakes. The official order sides report, primarily, about the topical activity of the Lazarus order and cannot thereby come partly on all false alarms. Because even the Wikipedia, unfortunately, to the subject Lazarusorden a huge number of wrong assertions contains - the operator of this web page has lost already for some time the trust in the professionalism this Internet-Encyklopedia - an alternative source of information should be offered here.

The operator of this web page was even an order member of the Lazarus order. He has dealt with the history of the Lazarus order thoroughly. The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is oldest and - only ecumenical order of the Christendom . It is a global institution that is open to all Christian denominations. Previously put forward the associate membership as Companions (Companions) for non-Christians. Among this group of people is such as to S.H. the Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyasto, 14th Dalai Lama), which wholesaler's Cross is (Compagnon de Saint-Lazare Grand Croix). The order foreign exchange is "atavis et armis" (with forefathers and weapons) and this is also the title of this web page.

However, it concerns around knightly community with the right ecclesiastical celebrations of Investitur (including oath and knight's blow) to be allowed to hold to hand over , to his members within the scope of the admission (order) insgina and garments (order coat and uniform) which may carry this also within the scope of ecclesiastical events as well as to lend to members and the deserving third honourings. (Spring: Wiener Dizesan Blatt, 146 years, No. 9, September, 2008)

So that the reader can convince himself of the objectivity of the statements, it will become so far also goes always springs given.

Because it concerns an one-man's project, the construction of these sides can occur only slowly. If you are interested in further information, visit please these sides again.

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