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Both legitimate Obedienzen of Malta and Paris have achieved after a time of more than four decades on the 13th of September, 2008 a union of the occasional order. Now both big order branches go to a common future under a common constitution, a common spiritual protector - H.S. Gregorios III. Laham, Pariarch of Antiochien and whole East, from Alexandrien and from Jerusalem - and a common Grand Master - H.E. Don Carlos Gereda de Boron, Marquis de Almazan.

The legitimate order combined again is active in 38 states and areas and today has (2010) worldwide about 5,000 members.

On the official web pages performed here one can find out about the activity of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. Who has interest to take part in the charitable activity of the order or feels the wish to be taken up in the knightly community, finds on the respective sides the suitable contact addresses.

The only legitimate presentation of the reunited order, successor of the two former Obediences Malta and Paris reunited and legitimated under one Grandmastership since 2008

Grand Bailiwick of Germany

Grand Priory of Austria

Grand Bailiwick of Austria

Commendary of Liechtenstein

Grand Bailiwick and Grand Priory of Czech Republic

Grand Priory of Slovakia

Priory of the Maltese Island

Grand Priory of Poland

Grand Priory of Hungary

Grand Bailiwick Boigny - Commandery Magistralfounded in 1154

Grand Bailiwick and Priory of England and Wales

Grand Bailiwick of Scotland

Grand Priory of Canada

Grand Priory of America

Grand Priory of Australia

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