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The Statni bezpecnost and the reactions of the Government of the Order to the complaint

The Statni bezpecnost

The corresponding English Wikipedia article on the subject Statni bezpecnost shows that this is a political police and intelligence the former Czechoslovakia from 1945 to 1989 acted. After the Communist takeover in 1948, the Statni bezpecnost was by KGB model aligned. In the Wikipedia article (in German) states that "Since then, was the intelligence built under the guidance of Soviet advisors, the most important repressive organ of the Communist regime, which especially in the period of late Stalinism state and party leader Gottwald by all means real and perceived opponents of the new rulers persecuted and terrorized. His duties were similar to those of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR. The corresponding Czech Wikipedia article supplemented as follows: "Even in this era used the secret police illegal methods such as torture, the enforcement of the award and use of drugs After 1948, these practices have now been quite common and generally by the Soviet coach. and observers were well supported. they were widely used especially in the preparation of constructed processes with political and ideological opponents of communism or unreliable citizens. cases of death or lifelong disabilities of respondents were tolerated or even considered desirable".

Doctors serving the Statni bezpecnost

The German ZDF History review Die dunkelsten Geheimnisse des kalten Krieges (The darkest secrets of the Cold War) reported that Czechoslovakia had some experience with interrogation drugs. After 1948, drugs used against opponents at home. In Prague there is a secret laboratory, the psycho substances for the Czech secret service StB (Statni bezpecnost) tested. It is the counterpart of the infamous KGB. Prague also captured U.S. soldiers were used as test subjects during the Cold War. At that time, Czechoslovakia was the world's largest producer of LSD. There were tested drugs that make producing fear, trusting, aggressive or talkative. During the Korean War in Korea, there was a Czechoslovak field hospital has been experimenting with the prisoners of war. As reported in 1968 had defected to the West the Czechslovakian Major General that there all operations, including amputations were performed without anesthesia. Many Americans were killed.

Which person should be checked?

The person on the official sides of the Czech Ministry of the Interior is to be found in the search in the name combination Bluma, Ales, had the following Statni bezpenost career:

  • 10/21/1970
    registered under the code name "Referent" is the name Ales Bluma, born 08/05/1942, registration number 15526

  • 02/21/1977
    registered under the code names "Historik" and "Andre" is the name Ales Bluma, born 08/05/1942, registration number 28323

  • 04/10/1979
    registered under the code name "Trnka" is the name Ales Bluma, born 08/05/1942, registration number 47667

  • 11/11/1986
    registered under the code name "Trnka" is the name Ales Bluma, born 08/05/1942, registration number 47667/3607

  • Note
    On the unofficial list of Employees of StB, published in 2009 by the Czech dissident Stanislav Penc is the same person since the 01/01/1955 performed in Statni bezpenost in Brno, Archive number V-8216.

While that person was listed as since at least 1979. Previously, she was PO (Poverena osoba checked = person) and KTS (Kanditat tajne sluzby = Kanditat intelligence). So this person was a member of a government organization, the people tortured and lifelong disability or even took the death of the victim or looked into buying these consequences even as desirable (!). The Saint Lazarus Order is in contrast to aligned on Christian values. In accordance with the Regulations (Article 4.1 and 4.2) are necessary for membership in the Order following criteria: character and reputation, prepare the Order honor and for his mission of advantage; practicing member of the Christian faith, full possession of mental faculties and such circumstances live and occupy such a position that will allow him to live honorably and the laws and decrees of the Order fully comply ...

With the principles of the Order of St. Lazarus is compatible impossible that a person who belongs to the criminal Statni bezpecnost, staying in their own ranks, though they may also occupy a high position of leadership in the Order. Therefore, it is imperative that the Saint Lazarus Order checks whether it is in fact the Grand bailiff of the Czech Grand Bailiwick of the person referred to as StB agent on the Internet or not. If an investigation should confirm this, then one should immediately expelled from the Order be made. It was therefore in the complaint letter to H.E. asked the Grand Master of the operators of this website to initiate an external review pursuant to Article 3.11 of the Regulations of the Order.

Reactions of the Government of the Order

Reactions of the government of the Order are for the applicant to Complain still not known. H.E. The Grand Master had been shown to naturally get the appeal. A telephone demand in the International Grand Prior gave only a brief note on the jetztigen delegates of the GMC, H.E. Chev. Dr. Axel Mittelstaedt GCLJ to turn. And this had informed like this in his email of 06/06/2011 the complainant: "... It is definitely not the GMC's task to interfere with national interests ..." So one has the crucial question: It this a global order?

On 09/09/2011 the complaint plate met the occasion of the investiture ceremony of the former Grand Priory Germany in Heilsbronn by chance a young man, who then , presented asDeputy Grand Magistral Delegate for European Affairs, Chev R. Stephan Henhapl, KCLJ . Asked about the problem he Sayagyi declared: "I have ansprochen the ales on the problem and he explained everything to me." In addition, we (note: who is we?) Proceed against anyone who will not be prosecuted."

Legitimate questions

Now that occur naturally legitimate questions. If the argument is understandable to want to take action against anyone who is not prosecuted? The secret service StB had finally tortured people to death. These victims can not talk. According to the principle "No plaintiff - because no judge" the offenders are of course not prosecuted in today's democratic Czech Republic. Completely different from the legal point of view, however, is the moral and ethics. Just a Christian Knights should be guided by himself yet. Therefore, the argument put forward to want to take action against anyone who is not prosecuted, morally and ethically untenable .

Especially from this background must be in any case a clarification by the Saint Lazarus. Otherwise, the standing of the Order of St. Lazarus is severely damaged throughout the world. Had the Saint Lazarus Order in Germany after 1945 tolerated in its ranks people who had been shown to members of the Gestapo, the SS, the SA, or other criminal organizations? Probably not! The mere membership in these organizations would have made a membership in Saint Lazarus Order impossible. Since it would not have been necessary to prove specific offenses alone, the former membership in a criminal organization and criminal would be reason enough not such a person in their own ranks to tolerate. If this basic principle would not be met, then the basic question would arise Where then would still room for hospitaller spirituality of the Order of St. Lazarus, on which it is founded for centuries?

What happened next? On 09/21/2011 was happend an extraordinary meeting of the Commandery of Pilsen took place, which may have had significant traits of a show trial designed? More on the next page.

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