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Analysis of the individual and the general behavior in today's human society

Based on my here reproduced on this website experience with the Lazarus Medal, in particular in connection with the donation of the estate Radimovice and the subsequent "Constructed show trial" are fundamental insights into human society in general emerged. Because the Order of Saint Lazarus is part of human society and consists of members of human society, so it was helpful to think about the so-called average person in general. And I have come to the following considerations. In order to understand the imbalance and disharmony in human society, the social injustices, the wars and organized crime world are two basic areas to consider: the individual with its properties and the general driving forces of human metallic behavior.

1. The individual - an attempt to analyze

Based on my experience gained at the ripe age of the average person has tendencies to the following characteristics:

  • irrational (uses his brain only mostly when it is already too late)

  • emotionally and therefore as irrational

  • completely self-centered (selfish, self-centered some)

  • hypocritical

  • ignorant

  • cowardly

  • greedy

  • ungrateful

  • not loyal

  • jealous

  • begrudgingly, some hateful

  • paranoid, feels attacked

  • not independent thinking (based mainly on the majority)

  • unfriendly

  • unhelpful

  • disrespectful

  • offending

  • deceitful

  • insensible

Of course, this refers to the average man in general. Yes, in general, regardless of gender, age group, educational level or social status! Exceptions only prove the rule. At all times while there has always been idealists and so-called "saints", but they had always been the exception. In the general flow of human history they had never actually big impact. These individuals have been and will always be retrieved from the past and instrumentalized as positive examples, because you have the average man but give the feeling that the world is not so bad - the world of which he is a part ...

With its characteristics, the average person takes two basic patterns of behavior produced at all times, which complement each other as siamesiche twins.

2. Stupidity and greed - mainsprings of human action

According to my understanding, stupidity is the opposite of wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge, so if you are successful in employing his knowledge. Stupidity is given if you can not be successfully used knowledge - that is, against his better judgment is. The stupidity is a world power that has been in existence at all times. So it's not even exclusively a matter of education or intelligence. The vernacular is familiar with the so-called "peasant cunning", ie the ability to even in the absence of great education or high intelligence trade successfully. So what prevents that the average person as is and wins the stupidity in general?

It is the greed. This refers generally to the exaggerated quest for material possessions, regardless of its benefits. However, my understanding has greed not only material but also spiritual or Idelle components. The exaggerated desire for social recognition is nothing more than a form of greed. Especially this spiritual kind of greed is not quickly detected. Because of the average man Lippenbekenntisse made ??to any ideals on which he does not believe in reality. In reality, he's often only to his own ego. If you can climb in the social hierarchy ladder of human "henhouse" another rung, then practically made everything, including their own knowledge and belief often suppressed. This trend seems to have apparently increasingly reached the more you something in this world.


Stupidity and greed are directly dependent on each other and complement each other like two Siamese twins. Outwardly - and also as a protective mechanism against itself - is the general action (also the suitable behavior) met with ignorance and hypocrisy. Everything is funded by the general framework of the rulers operate successfully. Of the whole human society is affected and no branch of it - not even the so-called order of knights is excluded. Everywhere few exceptions, always confirm the rule.

Last updated 12/14/2017

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